Review: Best EDC Backpacks in 2019

EDC backpacks are the ones that are used to place your day to day gears in an organized way. Most people tend to have stuff which they carry daily including but not limited to purse, id proof, cash, etc. The EDC backpacks are lightweight and aimed at easing your necessities. For the people who're looking for a backpack which is capable enough to carry three days worth of essentials, keep reading to find out the best EDC backpack for hiking and survival 2019 based on your budget.

Particularly in this industry, you can see a rising number of vendors that make it quite tough to determine a casual and best minimalist backpack that is inexpensive depending on your needs. The below info aims at resolving such doubts.

Selecting the Best EDC Backpack:

For helping you decide the best option for your needs, below are a few things to take into consideration:

1. Functionality

EDC backpack is designed particularly to carry electronic gadgets and travel necessities. A few of these even come with custom molding from specialized fabric for accommodating particular use cases. Before picking a specific backpack to ask yourself these questions:

a. What kind of accessories do you wish to carry around?

b. Do you require a backpack for clothing, electronic gadgets, sports gear, or other stuff?

Understanding your daily requirements help you refine your choices and pick the best EDC backpack.

2. Style

Selecting an EDC pack which aligns with your appearance and taste is critical. Fortunately, EDC backpacks are available in various designs & styles which accommodate the majority of your daily requirements.

3. Storage capacity

Picking a backpack that's too small or too big may create an undesirable travel experience. So, size does matter. Know what size of accessories you wish to carry daily to pick the right bag.

4. Material

Heavy-duty fabric can be ideal for outdoor usage and offers features like tearproof and waterproof construction. On the contrary, material that is softer and lighter might be appropriate for daily commuting, and regular travels.

Best EDC Backpacks Under $50

1. SOG Opord Tactical Backpack

You might be already aware of the name SOG. The company is popular for its reputation to produce unique, yet highly operational knife designs. Recently, they started applying their knowledge in designing a survival bag for the people who require additional storage and not much flash.

In regards to the best-rugged backpack made in the US, it may seem a bit. There may be folks who may even take it as a con, nonetheless, thanks to its design, you can easily adjust the weight of the bag away from your back, towards the waist using the shoulder and waist straps.

Tha backpack prevents water leakage thanks to its polyester construction. 

This rugged backpack has plenty of add-on choices along with the MOLLE system. These include D-ring attachments. The bag is also very economical.



  • Expansion attachments
  • Sufficiently large backpack
  • Water-resistant
  • Zippers are not that strong

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